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Rafting baptism

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Rafting baptism

Rafting baptism

Drifting with the flow of the turbulent rivers of our planet has become a passion for many Mostpointers worldwide. They are usually called "White water rivers", and they tend to have one thing in common: Getting on a raft, paddle in hand, feeling part of nature one of its rougher ways, is an irresistible challenge. Do you dare to check? To conquer this MOSTPOINT you must embark on raft down a river with at least Class II stretches.


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Upload photos on which you can be seen with your team and raft before and after the adventure. Some centers provide baptism certificates and pictures of your descent. If you have any, load them as well. It will make your Badge much more impressive to see.

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Rafting baptism

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There are rivers with stretches of Class II worldwide. Find a rafting center in the area of your interest. Then, if you got really excited of it and want to feed your spirit to excel, they can surely inform you about the next steps to become a Class V expert.

To conquer this MOSTPOINT, swimming skills are mandatory. The raft center will provide you with the related equipment (helmet, life jacket, etc.) and will instruct you the basic technical standards of the sport. It is therefore important that you launch the conquest of this MOSTPOINT with the security that can only be offered by recognised raft centers.

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Rafting baptism

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MOSTPOINT available world wide<br>
MOSTPOINT available world wide

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