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Route du Comte Jean

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Route du Comte Jean

Route du Comte Jean

Belgium is famous for its cycling routes. Among many others there is this one that is known locally as Route du Comte Jean (Route of Count John or in Flemish the Gravejansroute), some 220 km / 136 mi long running from Antwerp to De Panne, on the border with France.

Along the route you will cross beautiful cities such as Bruges and Ghent, the Land of the Marshes (Waasland), the polders (reclaimed land) and nice Flemish beaches lapped by the waters of the North Sea.

The area has no big height differences but the winds on the coast can become a real problem.


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Route du Comte Jean

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Located just 50 km / 31 mi of Brussels, on the banks of the river Scheldt, you will find the starting point of this route, Antwerp. An open, cosmopolitan city famous for being the city that gave birth to Rubens, that has become the international center of the diamond industry, is the world's third largest port and has one of the most important Gothic cathedrals of Europe. Visit the Main Square (Grote Markt), the City Hall of the 15th century, the Open Air Museum Middelheimpark, the Zurenborg neighborhood with its blend of Art Nouveau, neo-Gothic and neo-Byzantine styles, the Castle and walk through its charming streets.

When you reach your destination, enjoy De Panne, a tourist resort town drenched by the North Sea, located on the border with France. There, besides relaxed walking on its immense white sand beaches, you will find other interesting visits. Among them, the cozy railway station, the Military Cemetery dedicated to the fallen in World War I and the exotic nature reserve Westhoek with its dunes that will make you feel for a moment like in the Sahara, but almost certainly with more clouds in the sky.

You can aim to conquer three Mostpoints because besides the one you you will conquer with this cycle path, you can add to your profile the most western point of Belgium and the most northern point of France, Bray Dunes at each side of the border marker. Make a photo of yourself with that marker and upload it to the page.

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Route du Comte Jean

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