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Fortress route or Ruta de Fortalezas

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Fortress route or Ruta de Fortalezas

Fortress route or Ruta de Fortalezas

Limited to 4,000 runners, the Fortresses route or “Ruta de Fortalezas” is an event of a complex nature due to its special characteristics. You can see the complete rules on the official website, but here we anticipate that this is a race of about 53 km that begins in the port of Cartagena and ends at the Marine School, surrounding the beautiful and enormously historic city of Cartagena.

The positive slope is approximately 2,100 m and the negative some 2,047 m n. The average slope is about + 6.4% -5.8% and the highest point is at the old canons battery Sierra Gorda, although in each of the five hills that you will cross you find historical monuments such as the Castle of San Julián or the Galeras. An experience to enjoy with all the senses and a great MOSTPOINT to add to your profile. Do you dare?

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Fortress route or Ruta de Fortalezas

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Cartagena is a very old and monumental city that offers plenty of attractions. Its name is related to the old city of Phoenician city of Carthago. Among the monuments we can mention the fantastic Interpretation Center, the Roman Theatre, the District of the Roman Forum and the Palace Hall. It is also a city with the only Spanish sub marine basis that forms part of its port where nowadays passes the Volvo Ocean Race and many huge cruise ships dock to allow their passengers to explore the old city.
Do not miss the opportunity to visit the beautiful beaches of its two seas, the Minor, inner sea or “Mar Menor” and the Mediterranean. Also try one of the traditional local dishes called “Cauldron”, prepared with fish and rice.

This event is held since 2009 and is organized by the Spanish Navy and the city of Cartagena.

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Fortress route or Ruta de Fortalezas

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Location Fortress route or Ruta de Fortalezas

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  • Did this four times (2013.2014, 2015, 2017), of which I only made it twice. I love the trail since the scenery is beauti...
    • 0 UPs! Jopieberger
      Great to read you love the trail. Have to do it once also!

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