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Scuba diving baptism

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Scuba diving baptism

Scuba diving baptism

Conquering this MOSTPOINT is a good opportunity to discover the immense beauty that hides our planet beneath its waters. At least as diverse as on land but always moving, following the rhythm of the different seas. If it doesn´t catch you, it will in any case be an adventure that will record memorable images on your retinas but if you do get caught by the experience you will sign up for a diving course when surfacing. The basic course is known as Open Water Diver (OWD) and has international recognition. It trains you to dive to a depth of 30 meters, always in tandem with a partner of the same level.

To add this Badge to your profile you must dive at least 20 minutes with bottles of compressed air, of course with an instructor. He or she, in addition to ensuring your safety, will be your guide through the process of acclimatization to the underwater world, to enjoy the experience to the full.


BADGE Scuba diving baptism

Upload photos of yourself before and after immersion. Many centers will provide pictures of you under water as well as a diving baptism certificate. If you have one, upload it as well, it will make your Badge more impressive and official.

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Scuba diving baptism

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All the world's seas hide treasures but there are some special places, described as "havens" by countless divers. These include the Australian Great Barrier Reef, the Asian Maldives, the Red Sea especially in Egypt and Jordan, the Gulf of California in the United States, the Mediterranean archipelago of Malta, the Spanish island of El Hierro in the Canary Islands, the Two Eyes caves in the Mexican Riviera Maya and Gansbaai in South Africa.

In "Links" you will find some useful links but there are many associations, local and international, to ensure the correct practice of this sport. Legislation varies from country to country. Therefore it is important that you conquest this MOSTPOINT with the security that can only be offered by an authorized diving center.

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Scuba diving baptism

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MOSTPOINT available world wide<br>
MOSTPOINT available world wide

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