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Semeru - Java’s highest peak

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Semeru - Java’s highest peak

Semeru - Java’s highest peak

Semeru (3676 m) is a volcano whose name means "The big mountain". Hindus consider it sacred, as legend has that it was transplanted from India to be abode of the gods. Its silhouette sticks out on the east coast of the island, boasting an  impeccable conical shape. Its activity is very extensive, with many catastrophic eruptions throughout history. A difficult Mostpoint, especially because of the precautions to be taken with the emanations of poisonous gases that Semeru continues to emit. Those who dare to climb are usually foreigners and they say that from up there there are wonderful sunrises to be enjoyed. You can access from Wonokitri, Probolingo and Ngadas.


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Semeru - Java’s highest peak

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The Semeru is within a protected area of Indonesia, the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park, with different types of forests and ecosystems as curious as the Tengger Sand Sea. In Ranupane you'll find a wide range of trekking and hiking routes and places to rest.

If you go in December or January, try to coordinate with the "Kasodo Upacara", a ceremony in which the natives call upon the gods so that these will give them abundant harvests.

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Semeru - Java’s highest peak

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