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Skydive or parachuting baptism. Tandem or solo

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Skydive or parachuting baptism. Tandem or solo

Skydive or parachuting baptism. Tandem or solo

Skydiving or Parachuting, the experience is like …… You're waiting for the plane. Your palms are a little sweaty. Inside you're a little nervous but you don't show it. There's some butterflies and nervous energy. You're ready to go and just want to get it on already. They call your name to suit up and put your harness on. The plane ride is longer than you thought. You keep looking out the window thinking it's time but we go higher and higher. Then the door opens and cool air rushes in. The other people in the plane are high-fiving and laughing. Getting their helmets on and goggles tightened. Why aren't they scared you wonder. You see people in the doorway and then, WHOOSH, they're out the door and disappear in an instant. Your instructor moves you to the door. The nervousness all hits at once but you're committed. Now you're perched in the doorway and you're looking down and can't believe how high you are. Everything is so small. You rock forward, then back.....a final breath and....... (By Eric Friedman).

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You have to make that first skydive or parachuting jump because that is the MOSTPOINT. Either a tandem jump or solo. Make sure you upload a photo of yourself up in the air!

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Skydive or parachuting baptism. Tandem or solo

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In the year 852, Abu I-Qasim Abbas Ibn Firnas tasted the thrill of jumping from the heights with what is considered the first parachute in history. He did it in Spain, in the city of Cordoba. Leonardo Da Vinci dreamed of this MOSTPOINT the mid-sixteenth century but it was Louis-Sébastien Lenormand who created the first practical parachute in 1783. Ten years later the French aeronaut Jean Pierre Blanchard, obsessed since childhood with the idea of flying, saved his life by jumping with a parachute from the hot air balloon he was flying when it broke, thus performing the first successful human descent. Since then, its use has multiplied as a safety system to become popular as a sport by the end of the twentieth century, thanks to the three rings security system designed by Bill Booth. A long and interesting history of a sport that captures more fans every day. Among the greatest places in the world to conquer this MOSTPOINT are Australia (coral reefs), New Zealand (Fox Glacier), United Arab Emirates (Dubai), South Africa (Cape Town), Nepal (Everest), Jordan (Wadi Rum desert), Spain (Alto Ampurdan) and the US (Santa Barbara, California). But there are more, many more. Surely there is one near you. Look for it, jump and fly!

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Skydive or parachuting baptism. Tandem or solo

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MOSTPOINT available world wide

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