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Snowman Trek

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Snowman Trek

Snowman Trek

Often considered the world's toughest trekking route, the Snowman Trek is irresistible for lovers of adventure challenges. If this is your case, do not hesitate and go for it. The incredible scenery of this remote site, far off large cities, the friendly nature of the locals and the fascinating Buddhist culture can turn this challenge into the adventure  of your life.

3 seven thousands, 9 four thousands, among many other peaks of the mighty Himalayas, will guard your trek from Paro, showing you countless fantastic places along the way. Impressive monasteries, small centenarian populations, lush jungles, mysterious forests virtually untouched that allow you to enhance your body and mind with the physical demands and cultural roots firmly guarded and respected since ancient times.


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Snowman Trek

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The capital of the Kingdom, Thimphu, is located along the Chu River. In the surrounding area you can see the monasteries of Tango and Cheri Dechenphu and the Dechencholing Palace, official residence of the king. About 70 km / 44 mi further you find Punakha, another interesting city well worth a visit.

The typical season to undertake the Snowman Trek is from September to October.

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Snowman Trek

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