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St. Olav's Way

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St. Olav's Way

St. Olav's Way

The St. Olavs Way is a pilgrimage trail from Sundsvall in Sweden to the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway. Here is the tomb of St Olav II, who was king of Norway for 15 years. The 564 km / 380 mi trail follows the path that King Olav Haraldsson traveled in the summer of the year 1030 returning from his forced exile in Gardarike. This took him from Novgorod in Russia to Christian Norway to claim the Norwegian throne once more. However along the way he died in the historic battle at Stiklestad and was buried on the banks of the river Nidelva. Miracles occurred around his grave which made that later he was canonized. This, among other things, is why the Nidaros Cathedral was built in Trondheim in the Middle Ages, and has overtime become one of the four main pilgrimages of the Christian World.

St. Olavs Way runs primarily on dirt tracks and country roads, passing through forests and swamps, over mountain passes and through valleys sparsely populated with historic farms. Along the way you will also pass several Neolithic monuments.

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St. Olav's Way

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The trail runs through the national park Dovrefjell, Reinheimn, Dorre and Rondane, which are certainly worth a more extensive visit. Have a closer look on the Neolithic monuments.

The entire trail runs through Northern Europe (a total of some 5000 km / 3106 mi). The most famous part is that runs from Oslo to Trondheim. In particular the last 100 km / 62 mi, that runs from Oppdal to Nidaros, is popular. Remember to stamp your pilgrim passport from the beginning if you opt for this wonderful souvenir. Add along the way more stamps necessary to obtain your pilgrimage certificate in the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, another proof that conquered this MOSTPOINT. You must have walked at least 100 km / 62 mi (or cycled 200 km / 124 mi).

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St. Olav's Way

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