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Te Araroa Trail

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Te Araroa Trail

Te Araroa Trail

Although New Zealanders use the expression "From Cape Reinga to Bluff" referring to go from one end of the country to the other (1,475 km / 916 mi straight), this MOSTPOINT, also known as "The Long Pathway", connects the northernmost and the southernmost point of New Zealand over a distance of 3000 km / 1864 mi.

The route was officially opened in 2011. It combines different sections of previously existing trails and linking them with new, connected by road sections. To complete, it demands about six months, although some do it in half the time and there is even someone who has done it in just two months. And of course, there are also many hikers that do so in a number of stages over several years.

Bluff is really the Southernmost town of the country but the real Southernmost point is Slope Point. However both are recognised as a finishing or starting point.

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Te Araroa Trail

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Of course, your photo taken at the Cape Reinga lighthouse on the extreme northern point and the one on Slope Point, near Bluff, on the extreme Southern point of the islands allow you to add more MOSTPOINT Badges to your profile. For the rest there is little more we can add here to what you should really experience day to day. Walking through New Zealand from South to North will give you gorgeous landscapes ranging from pristine beaches to towering volcanoes, lush forests as well as attractive towns and cities. This all livened by the ancient local culture, full of stories and legends that will enrich your senses.

On the official website of the Te Araroa Trail you can also tell your experience. Not all do, but those who have done so give good testimony of the grandeur of this adventure and the unforgettable experiences that it can provide.

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Te Araroa Trail

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