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The 10,000 of the Soplao - Marathon

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The 10,000 of the Soplao - Marathon

The 10,000 of the Soplao - Marathon

"The 10,000 of the Soplao", set of challenges known as "the Cantabrian hell", also offer you the chance to participate in a fantastic mountain marathon, thus adding another important Badge your profile.

45 km /28 mi  through the municipalities of Cabezon de la Sal, Ruente and Mazcuerras, following roads and paths of the Saja-Besaya Natural Park with steep slopes up and down, as well as weather conditions that can challenge your skill and fitness: cold, rain wind ... but surely that will not  discourage you. Consult the regulations on the official website and go for it! Conquering this MOSTPOINT will make you live an unforgettable experience.


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To add this MOSTPOINT to your profile you must complete the "The 10,000 of the Soplao" mountain marathon within the time set by the organization. When you achieve it, upload photos of yourself with your race number and medal or finish certificate.

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The 10,000 of the Soplao - Marathon

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What else is there
Certainly the Saja-Besaya National Park is well worth a leisurely visit. You may see, among many other animals, deer, wild boars, wolves and even a bear although the latter two are very difficult to spot. Treat yourself to a walk on its paths and do not miss the historic and artistic Bárcena Mayor, where you will discover in detail the traditional mountain architecture.
Do not miss in San Vicente de la Barquera, a charming fishing village, its magnificent beaches and the ancestral wealth of the old town. There you will find the church of Santa Maria de los Angeles, San Vicente Castle, magnificent bridges and plenty of other extraordinary places.
In Cabezon de la Sal you can continue to enrich yourself with historical-cultural samples of the region. For example with the Palace of the Monasteries, the Bodega, the prehistoric site of Cabrojo and the Museum of Nature in Cantabria, installed in the former Casa-Palacio de Carrejo.
And replenish energy with the rich local cuisine. Try their cheese with denomination of origin, the famous Santoña anchovies, lebaniego stew, sorropotún and the extraordinary cake like pasiegos sobaos. You will understand why Cantabrian cuisine has many followers, both in Spain and internationally.

To participate in this marathon you must be 18 years old the day before the celebration of the event. See also other requirements on the official website.

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The 10,000 of the Soplao - Marathon

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Location The 10,000 of the Soplao - Marathon

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