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The Great Pacific Race

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The Great Pacific Race

The Great Pacific Race

The Great Pacific Race is possibly the biggest endurance challenge in the world. With a minimum of 2,400 mi, that may easily become 3,000 with bad weather conditions, this competition demand between 30 and 80 days of extremely well functioning lungs, since neither motors nor sails are allowed. Only the arms of the crew (two and four athletes teams ), rowing against all odds, are allowed to reach the destination on Hawaii.

It was first held in 2014 with 13 boats at the starting point. The organization, The Ocean Rowing Society hopes that in future editions, this figure will reach twenty.

The rules are very strict. To participate, all members of each crew must complete a series of courses. Also, only two types of boats are admitted competing in separate categories Classic Class and Open Class. Both are valid for to add this MOSTPOINT to your profile.

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The Great Pacific Race

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At the starting point, Monterrey awaits you with its beaches and rocky headlands, with sightings of whales and dolphins and charming places like Carmel by the Sea, a bohemian town created by artists that is among the main travel destinations of the country. And at the point of arrival, the charming Honolulu, where besides relax on the magnificent beaches, you can not miss the Iolani Palace, the Capitol, the Washington Square and of course the iconic Aloha Tower.

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