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Titan Desert

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Titan Desert

Titan Desert

The renowned journalist, athlete and adventurer Juan Porcar, along with Felix Dot and Manu Chop ( General and Technical Directors, respectively), created this MTB race in stages, and over the years it has become one of the most desired competitions by bikers worldwide.

It is inspired in the Paris-Dakar race in which the orientation and navigation are essential, as long stages have minimal signage and the Moroccan Sahara imposes its harsh conditions: High temperatures, strong winds, heavy dunes, stony paths ... A multitude of difficulties that turn about 600-700 km / 370 - 435 mi in six days in an epic struggle against nature. A unique opportunity to test your physical abilities and your mental strength.

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Titan Desert

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The Moroccan Sahara is a real surprise package. Depending on the annual route of the race, the organization proposes special itineraries for companions. Follow the route in a 4x4, sleep in haimas under the incomparable starry desert skies, greet athletes in official camps ... A unique opportunity to monitor the competition and an unforgettable experience.

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Titan Desert

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