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Crossing the Greenwich Meridian 0

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Crossing the Greenwich Meridian 0

Crossing the Greenwich Meridian 0

A Mostpoint traveller challenge. The Zero or prime Meridian was universally adopted in 1884 at a Conference in Washington as the origin of measuring the Meridians. From this Meridian the Longitudes are measured, a total of 180º. 90º to the North and another 90º to the South. The other 180º complementing the total of 360º circumference of the Earth, are at the other side of the planet and pass across the Pacific Ocean, thus forming another Mostpoint: the International Date Line. The universal day starts at midnight in Greenwich and lasts for 24 hours. However with the entry of the International Reference Meridian, established by the international service of rotation and terrestrial reference, and related to the start of the GPS system, the IRM located the Observatory 102 metres to the East of the Meridian. It is a question of precision and technology.

The Greenwich Meridian goes from the North Pole to the South Pole and it passes through the Mediteraanean and the Atlantic Ocean. Of course the most typical place to cross this line is in Greenwich itself. 

Before adopting the Greenwich Meridian, the 0 meridian was situated by the French since 1634 in Punta de Orchilla on the El Hierro island, part of the Canarian islands.Today there is a monument of remembrance near the lighthouse which is also built on that line.

If you only want to cross the Meridian 0 without visiting the Royal Observatory in Greenwich there are many options. It passes 8 countries which  are the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Algeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, Togo and Ghana. 

In London you can find numerous other references in the streets and for free. Look up in the foot tunnel at Hither Green station from the Staplehurst Road side. On the Elektron Tower, the building overlooking the East India DLR station, a silver line runs down the side of the building and along the ground next to it, flanked by a sundial that you can see from the eastbound platform. In the Meridian Lounge at the InterContinental Hotel in Greenwich it's marked on a pillar in the restaurant so just change table to cross the line. On Farnaby road there is a marker post and a pavement plague. Even Meridian Primary School in Greenwich marks the line on the playground and in the classrooms. 

In France an example is on the coast of the village Villers sur mer.  If you are in Spain you can cross the meridian of Greenwich on the motorway AP-2 between Zaragoza and Lleida. This point is located between the towns of Bujaraloz and Penalba. It is easy to see since it is an arch that crosses the road and is also illuminated at night. In the city of Castellón, after measurements of the cadastral Geographic Institute of Spain they installed in 1988 a monolith in the Meridian Park just where it crosses with the parallel 40. Some 20 km away a monolith beside the road can be seen CV 15 just before the exit of the CV 1600 to La Pobla Tornesa. Another structure is located in Denia where the Meridian comes back to Earth after passing the Mediterranean. Or in Almazora, on the beach of Benafeli. Further below in Algeria you will find for example a sign in Mostaganem. There are really quite a number of signalled points. Find yours and upload your picture.


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Crossing the Greenwich Meridian 0

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Greenwich, situated next to the river Thames in the South East of London does not only offer its old observatory to visit but also the oldest public park in London, the first urban cable car and the national maritime museum among other things.

Other principal MOSTPOINTS to cross in the World are the Equator, the International Date Line, the Arctic Polar Circle and the Antarctic Polar Circle.

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Crossing the Greenwich Meridian 0

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