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Trans-Siberian Railway

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Trans-Siberian Railway

Trans-Siberian Railway

The Trans-Siberian Railway provides the longest railway in the world (9,288 km / 5,771 mi). It is also known as Grand Trans Siberian Express, Golden Eagle or Zarengold. It has different routes. The principal route is named Rossiya and connects European Russia (Moscow) with the Asian coast in the east of the country (Vladivostok) in a 7 day journey. The Transmongolian (Mosku-Beijing via Ulan Bator), coincides with the Trans-Siberian main route to Ulan Ude (7,600 km / 4,722 mi - 5 days of travel); and the Transmanchuriano (Moscow-Beijing via Manchuria) makes it to Chita (8,900 km / 5,530 mi - 6 day trip), both reaching the Chinese capital.

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Trans-Siberian Railway

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As with other major rail ways, the Trans-Siberian journey is an adventure by itself. If you opt for the principal (Rossiya) you will depart from the busy Moscow station Yaroslavsky (Time Zone of the Russian capital) to the port of Vladivostok (Moscow time +7), located near the Russian border with North Korea and China, at the Pacific Ocean. In between, Nizhny Novgorod (formerly Gorky-Moskovsky), Perm, Yekaterinburg (formerly Sverdlovsk), Omsk, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude, Chita and Khabarovsk. You will cross the Volga, Vetluga, Cheptsá, Kama, Iset, Ishim, Obi, Yenisel and Amur rivers. If you choose the Transmongolian, from Ulan-Ude you will pass by Naushki, Sühbaatar, Ulan Bator, Zamiin Uud, Erlyan and Datong to reach Beijing. And if you get in the Transmanchuriano, from Chita you stray into Tarskaya, Zabaikalsk, Manzhouli and Harbin, finally arriving in Beijing.

The Siberian is not working like the European InterRail, you can not get on and off the train with different services. If you want to make intermediate stops (the ones the train makes are just 20 minutes) to visit some cities included in its path, you must purchase separate tickets. It is essential to bring warm outerwear throughout the year. And do not get lost with schedules. The Trans-Siberian is governed by the Moscow time.

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Trans-Siberian Railway

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