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The decade of the 90’s only just started when three athletes took their mountain bikes and prepared to cross the Pyrenees from sea to sea: Jordi Laparra, Jaume Bonaventura and Alfons Valls. Thus the Transpirenaica was born, a track that today brings hundreds of cyclists from the most diverse corners of the planet together.

The route has changed over the years, currently starting in Llançà and ending in Hondarribia. It is divided into 16 fantastic stages to test your desire for great challenges and add a mythical MOSTPOINT to your profile.


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To add this MOSTPOINT to your profile you must complete the Transpirenaica. Upload photos of yourself, if you are a finisher, with your bike on the starting line, maybe some intermediate points and at the finish with your race number and medal or finish certificate.

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Llançà is a municipality located in the Alto Ampurdán area which is in the Catalonia region in North East Spain. Its origins date from the first century B., since in the vicinity there used to be the Roman road that crossed the Pyrenees through the ports of Portus and Massana. In the Plaza Mayor, or main square, you will see the XIII century Romanesque tower and vestiges of Sant Pere de Rodes. Take also advantage of the opportunity to discover the charm of the famous Costa Brava.
Go to the nearby Cap de Creus as well so you can add another MOSTPOINT to your profile as this is the Easternmost point of continental Spain and therefore also the Iberian peninsula.
In the end, you're in Hondarribia (Fuenterrabia in Spanish), a Spanish municipality belonging to the Basque Country, located a few kilometers from the city of San Sebastián. There you will find from dolmens, belonging to the period Neolithic-Bronze, to interesting examples of religious architecture such as the Church of Santa Maria Assunta and Manzano (XV and XVI), elegant palaces like Zuloaga (XVIII century) and curious neighborhoods such as La Marina, with its colorful and flowery balconies.
Enjoy the beach, the promenade and go to the Higer lighthouse, considered by some the real finish of the route, North of the city. Beside some spectacular views you will find a nice mountain route along the bay side.
In between the start and finish of the Transpirenaica there is pure nature dotted with charming Pyrenean villages such as Vilamaniscle, Espolla, St. Climent Sascebes, Cantallops, Agullana, Darnius, St. Llorent the Muga or Albanyà.

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