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Treriksröset - Sweden's northernmost point

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Treriksröset - Sweden's northernmost point

Treriksröset - Sweden's northernmost point

The northernmost point of Sweden is also the most western continental point of Finland. Its name (Kolmen Valtakunnan Rajapyykki in Finnish, Treriksröset in Swedish and Treriksrøysa in Norwegian) means "Mound of the three nations" because there it also meets the Norwegian border. Here you will find a concrete monument of the early XXth century (1926), beside which you need to make a photograph to attest that you have conquered this double MOSTPOINT.


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Treriksröset - Sweden's northernmost point

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You can reach this MOSTPOINT from Kiruna, approximately a 300 km / 186 mi road and then opt for a 10 km / 6 mi walk or reduce this distance to only 3 km / 2 mi, taking a boat on Lake Övre Kilpisjärvi.
From Kiruna, at about 180 km on your journey to Treriksröset you will find Karesuando with its interesting historical monuments and the possibility of obtaining some of the best views of the midnight sun from the top of Kaarevaara. Reaching the top of this mountain is easy with a short trekking that you can do with or without a guide.
In Kilpisjärvi you will find interesting free activities to enjoy contact with nature.

For the more adventurous, there are expeditions on skis that take days or even weeks to achieve this MOSTPOINT. Temperatures can reach -30° C but the experience is worth it. Shelters hosting adventurers are well equipped and are free. If adrenaline is your thing, go for it. You will live unforgettable experiences enjoying reconnaissance laps with huskies sleds or see traces of bears and reindeer under your snowshoes.

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Treriksröset - Sweden's northernmost point

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