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Utrecht Marathon

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Utrecht Marathon

Utrecht Marathon

About 11,000 athletes gather every year in the beautiful city of Utrecht to compete in the marathon that starts and ends at the same point, the prestigious Science Park of the city.

This event has been held since 1978, but between 1999 and 2004 it was only carried out in the form of a half marathon. There is now such a full course as well as runs of 10 km / 6 mi, 5 km / 3 mi and 1 km / 0,62137mi so that everyone can participate in this great celebration, but of course, to add this MOSTPOINT to your profile you must run the full marathon, 42.195 km / 26.219 mi.

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Utrecht Marathon

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Utrecht is a historic university city with a lot of life. Built around the famous Dom Tower, the tallest and oldest in Holland but one that lost half a cathedral in a storm, the city has a special charm.

Do not miss the Catharijneconvent, a medieval monastery now converted into a museum, the Dick Bruna House, dedicated to the creator of the sympathetic bunny Miffy who has sold more than eighty million storybooks worldwide, the Railway Museum with its attractive interactive exhibits and Castle De Haar, the country's largest and one of the most beautiful castles in Europe.

Join the Trajectum Lumen, a night walk that lets you discover Utrecht from another perspective. Visit markets like the Lapjesmarkt (textiles), the Bloemenmarkt (floral) and Vredenburg (general) with about 100 stands, it will give you the opportunity to buy from fresh produce to clothing or electronics, stopping occasionally to enjoy a snack of raw herring or a stroopwafel (molasses cookie).

Finally, and as the main point, enjoy the beautiful channels with their lively terraces if there is sun. No matter if you choose a cruise, prefer the paddle boats or you dare to row. Seeing the city from the water is an experience not to be missed.

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Utrecht Marathon

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