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Vuokatti Hiihto

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Vuokatti Hiihto

Vuokatti Hiihto

This ski marathon is one of the longest in Finland. In it participate about 2,000 skiers, making it also the most popular of this Scandinavian country.

Vuokatti is a place specially prepared for snow. It has a ski tunnel of 2.4 km 1.5 mi, the first covered tunnel in the world, guaranteeing the practice of this sport throughout the year.

There are different modalities in this ski marathon, being valid to add your MOSTPOINT the ones of 120 km / 74.5 mi (the longest in the world ), the 60 km / 37.3 mi and 45 km / 28 mi.


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Vuokatti Hiihto

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Located in the center of the country, Vuokatti is a well connected winter sports center. Kajaani Airport is just 30 km away, with daily flights from Helsinki and Tallinn, and connection via bus and train. It belongs to the municipality of Sotkamo where you'll also find the Hiidenportti National Park. And only 55 km away is Kajaani, with an interesting museum and numerous hiking trails. Of course you can also go north and cross another MOSTPOINT, the Arctic Circle or even go further and sign the northernmost point of mainland Europe, the North Cape.

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