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A MOSTPOINT is an achievement, the achievement of a challenge, an experience worth to be lived and shared.

And is the set of all, the meeting point with Mostpointers around the world who share your desire to show something of that.

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There are MOSTPOINTS for everyone and all physical conditions. Do you dare to step on any of the extreme points of the planet, walk across one of the imaginary lines of the world like the Ecuator, the Arctic Circle or the Greenwich Meridian, swimming with sharks, a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, skydive, travel in a hot air balloon, complete an ultra race, conquer a marathon or triathlon, get your diving license, defy nature with trekking, rafting or mountaineering?

Are you thinking of another MOSTPOINT?

Check out the already cataloged MOSTPOINTS in CATEGORIES or search for yours directly by name or location.

All Mostpointers can value your experience by adding UPs to your profile and follow you. This will be vital when it comes to incorporating new MOSTPOINTS to the list. Because you can also propose one. In the section PROPOSE A MOSTPOINT we'll tell you how to do it.

Ah, one more thing, with each Mostpoint you get a Badge, the symbol that certifies your achievement. You can get as many as you propose yourself because with MOSTPOINT the limit is up to you. What is your limit?

If you already have a MOSTPOINT, add it to your profile. If not, propose one and conquer it. And in both cases Share it!