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Algemene voorwaarden

DECEMA LINKING S.L. publiceert hier voor het gebruiksgemak van zijn users een copie van de engelse vertaling van de algemene voorwaarden (Terms of Use). De spaanse versie hiervan is echter de enige rechtsgeldige tekst. Spanje heeft één van de strikste wetgevingen ter wereld op het gebied van de bescherming van persoonlijke gegevens.

Last review January 10, 2016

  1. Ownership.

    In accordance with the Spanish Law 34/2002 on the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, we inform you that is an Internet domain, hereinafter identified throughout the document as the Website MOSTPOINT, owned by DECEMA LINKING SL with C.I.F. B73905416, registered in the Commercial Register of Murcia, Spain, hereafter identified throughout the document as DECEMA.

  2. Terms of Use.

    The present "Terms of Use" govern access and use of the Website MOSTPOINT. DECEMA reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of these "Terms of Use" at any time and without notice. If that occurs, it will publish the updates on this page and indicate at the top of the same the date it was last reviewed. The user is responsible to check whether changes have been made in these "Terms of Use". By accessing or using the Website MOSTPOINT, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these "Terms of Use", forcing its acceptance and compliance. If you do not agree, you should not use or access its contents.

    1. User content.

      Understood as "User Content" is all literary, artistic or scientific creations expressed by any means or medium, tangible or intangible, currently known or invented in the future that the user uploads to the Website MOSTPOINT.

    2. Rights and obligations of the user.

      In the sections that require registration to access, the user undertakes to provide truthful, accurate and complete information about his/her identity. He/she will also maintain the security of his/her password and identification pledging to maintain up to date his/her personal data that could be provided to the holder of the domain and is therefore solely responsible for the falsehoods or inaccuracies that he/she makes.

      In case of a minor he/she must obtain the permission of his/her parents, guardians or legal representatives to access the provided services. DECEMA is not responsible for the provided inaccurate or false data if any.

      The MOSTPOINT Website may only be used for lawful purposes. Therefore the user agrees to make a lawful and fair use of the site under these "Terms of Use", agreeing not to use the network services for activities contrary to Spanish law, the law of his/her country of residence, morality or public order, assuming all responsibilities for damages against the owner of the domain or others that may arise from illegal or impermissible practices. Among other and as example but not limited to:

      • Perform without prior consent of the holder of the domain any manipulation or alteration of this page and the holder of the domain does not assume any liability that may arise from such practices.
      • Take any action that could damage , disable, overburden, or impair the website and the services provided and prevent the normal use and/or the use by other users.
      • Introduce and/or use programs, data, corrupted files, viruses, malicious code, computer equipment or telecommunications or otherwise, regardless of their nature, that could damage the site, in any of the services or the (physical or logical) assets information systems of the domain holder.
      • Violate the rights of third third to privacy, self-image, data protection, secrecy of communications and intellectual property.
      • Hide and disguise the origin of emails.
      • Using false identities and / or impersonate that of other users by using the Website MOSTPOINT or any of the services provided.
      • Reproduce, distribute, modify or copy the content of this page, unless you have the permission of the owner of the domain or he/she is legally authorized.
      • Transmit to unauthorized parties user names and passwords.

      DECEMA excludes its responsibility for the lack of veracity, inaccuracy and lack of updating of the content. Neither can DECEMA be held responsible for the outage, improper operation or inability to access the Website MOSTPOINT at any time.

      DECEMA is also not responsible for any damages caused by the presence of viruses or other harmful software that can produce alterations in the user's computer system.

      The user will be entirely responsible for his/her profiles, messages, notes, text, information, listings and other content that he/she uploads, posts or displays on the Website MOSTPOINT or through it, or that he/she transmits or shares with other users thereof.

      DECEMA is not responsible in any way for any "User Content" or of third parties published on the Website MOSTPOINT or in connection therewith, irrespective of whether they have been published or caused by users of the Website MOSTPOINT or third parties.

      The user shall notify DECEMA immediately of any non-consensual use of his/her account, personal details or any violation of security and / or privacy of which he/she has knowledge.

      DECEMA reserves the right to engage in any acts of investigation and registration it deems necessary in order to certify compliance with current legislation, guaranteeing due respect for the dignity and privacy of the user. You agree that DECEMA may delete or remove without notice all content thatviolate these "Terms of use".

      By publishing "User Content" anywhere on the website, the user agrees that all the rights of exploitation of the data of any type provided, both for public use, private, commercial, advertising, promotional or any other, are automatically transmitted to DECEMA. These rights include:

      • Use, copy, excerpt, post, publish, store, reproduce and obtain full or partial copies of the content through any procedure and / or medium, tangible or intangible contents.
      • Transforming the Translation, editing, dubbing, adaptation, adjustments and changes of any kind.
      • Exploit the content through the distribution by sale, rental, lending or any other form of publication and / or marketing, both public and private use. This includes, for example and not limited to, the projection or film exhibition, not film, television, Internet, mobile phone or any other existing technology or developing.
      • Store, edit, modify, publish, incorporate a database , transmit, display or represent.
      • Grant licenses to third parties to perform any of the above actions.
      • To prepare derivative works of such "User Content" and incorporate it into other actions.

      The user recognizes the rights of exploitation of DECEMA on all the content that he/she posts, without obtaining any acceptance or authorization for the total or partial use of it and without having to pay him any financial compensation for such exploitation. The user also assures that he is the owner or has the legal right to use and publish all content posted.

    3. Advertising

      This site may contain advertising and / or sponsorships. Advertisers and sponsors are solely responsible for ensuring that the material submitted for publication, include links to other pages and changes or updates in them, comply with the laws that may be applicable in each case.

      DECEMA can not be held responsible for any error, inaccuracy or irregularity that may include advertising or sponsorship contents.

      By accepting these Terms of Use the user expressly consents to the automated processing of their data by DECEMA, including data as a result of browsing the Website MOSTPOINT, to send communications and advertising via any means, to maintain their relationship with the website in general and for the marketing of products and services tailored to their particular characteristics.

    4. Third party links.

      DECEMA can not be held responsible for the links to third party sites, whether provided by users, advertisers and / or sponsors. Their existence does not imply that DECEMA endorses or accepts its contents and services. These, as well as their corresponding "Privacy Policy" and "Terms of Use", are not controlled by DECEMA. If accessed, the operators of these websites may collect personal information. Before providing any personal information, make sure it is in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of each site you access.

      In general, DECEMA excludes liability for damages of any nature arising from the use of any other site to which users have accessed through the Website MOSTPOINT.

  3. Intellectual Property.

    All content displayed on the Website MOSTPOINT and especially design, text, graphics, logos, icons, buttons, software, trade names, trademarks, industrial or any other elements susceptible to industrial and commercial use are subject to the rights of intellectual property of DECEMA or to those of other owners who have been provided inclusion in the Website MOSTPOINT by DECEMA.

    DECEMA may terminate the membership of any user, delete his/her profile and any content or information that has been published, and forbid him to use the Website MOSTPOINT or access it at any time without former notice.

    As long as the user is entitled to use the Website MOSTPOINT, DECEMAgrants him/her a limited license to access and use the website and its content, and to download or print a copy of any part thereof to which it has lawfully obtained access only for personal, noncommercial use, assuming that all other reproduction, distribution, marketing, processing and any other form of exploitation, by any means of the total or partial content of this site constitutes an infringement of intellectual and / or industrial property rights of DECEMA. Any other use of the contents of the Website MOSTPOINT is strictly prohibited. This license is subject to these "Terms of Use" and does not include the use of collection methods or data mining (data mining, robots or similar). Also, the license may be revoked at any time and without notice, with or without cause.

  4. Privacy

    View our Privacy Policy.

  5. Use of Cookies

    See our Cookies Policy.

  6. Legislation applicable

    For any claim or dispute, DECEMA will be governed at all times by the provisions of Spanish law and will submit any dispute to the Courts of Murcia, Spain, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply.

    In all cases, the Terms of Use in the Spanish language will be taken as the only legal reference text. All translations into other languages have only the function of facilitating navigation on the Website MOSTPOINT for users who prefer to manage in another language.